GAFI’s Microfinance Project

The role of Microfinance in modern society has been a crucial means for changing the developing world & for the countries like Ghana. It has been a new hope for empowering the rural communities, through the principle of sustainable development approach. Working in Micro Finance sector, you can help creating a sustainable path to economic independence for individuals, families and communities in Ghana. Also, you can help developing the infrastructure and systems needed for microfinance opportunities in order to prepare the base for Sustainable Development of the communities.


Sustainable development in Ghana means not only protecting the environment but also making sure to meet the needs of the local people through various micro projects development initiatives as well. One of the key factors for the successful sustainable development approach comes from the Micro Finance project, which play a very significant role for the sustainable development in Ghanaian communities through various ways.

Microfinance is when organizations provide loans and other baseline financial products to people or groups who are unable to receive these from banks. Over a fixed period of time, these loans will be paid back. These initiatives are geared towards reducing urban and rural poverty and are typically put forth by the government and other institutions.

Our microfinance projects seek to empower individuals by providing them with life skills, training and education alongside small financial loans. We do not simply lend money; we work on a grassroots level forming long-term relationships, offering financial literacy, promoting savings and investing not only in a micro-enterprise, but the individual, family and/or community itself. We utilize applied research throughout our work to create an opportunity that is not only needed in the community, but also desired by the micro-entrepreneur, thus creating the ownership necessary for the project’s success and sustainability.