Gaddiel Mensah Andoh (CEO/Founder)

GadielGaddiel is the founder and the Executive Director of Gadrage Aid Foundation International. Gaddiel was the seventh born of his father, but the third born to his mother as a result of the mother being the second wife to his father.

life became unbearable for the family when the father lost his job which led the step mother out of the marriage in seek for fortune. Gaddiel’s mother resorted to her job as a clerk at the then Public Workers Department to bring home bacon.

In 1990, Gaddiel’s Mother also lost her job as a result of redeployment which was presented by the government of Ghana in all government creations. It was real difficult for their parents to furnish them the three square meals a day. His Father regained his job in 1994 after several years of unemployment and the family started to gain its financial strength.

In 1998, he gained an entrance into the secondary school, but along the melodic phrase, his Father married another wife, he therefore left the household and held out with his new wife. Their Mother went through difficult times in taking care of Gaddiel and his siblings because their father was the only concern around his young marriage. Gaddiel was very passionate about serving his allies who were in need at school.

He accepted and allowed two of his friends to live with him because their hometown was far from the school. He shared his food, clothes and the little money he got. This passionate attitude of him moved forward when he accepted a job at KingNancy Enterprise as the manager at Kasoa in the Awutu Senya East Municipality. Though he was not financially strong enough, but he regularly helped some of his acquaintances and other Church members in several ways to make them comfortable.

One night, in his dream, he dreamed of working in an arrangement that seemed to be helping needy by providing food, clothes, drugs, etc. He was very happy to be constituent of that formation, but he later became annoyed when his wife woke him up from his sleep. In the morning, he talked over the dream and his purpose of establishing an organization to interpret the one that he was working for in his dream with his friend Courage.

He asked Courage to help him in the naming and the registration of the organization. They subsequently agreed and mixed up their first names, ‘GADDIEL and COURAGE’ and got Gadrage . On 5th September 2013, Gadrage Aid Foundation International was registered.

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