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Read wide – for a better future” A 2016 project inducted to promote literacy among primary age students in the Awutu Senya East Municipal Assembly.

About Read Wide

Ghana is currently faced with an alarming decreasing of grades/marks obtained by students in all disciplines especially with mathematics and English language and in all examination organized by WEAC for Junior High Schools and Secondary Schools.
From the recently organized exams (WASSCE) by the examination body, statistics indicate that from the 268,812 who took the examination 25.29% of the students had A1-C6 in Mathematics and 50.29 obtained A1-C6 in English Language.
What this means is that about 75% of the students may not gain admission into the tertiary institution to continue their education.

The table below gives details

Year Span Subject
English Language Mathematics
2007 23% PASS 25% PASS
2008-2012 56% PASS 43% PASS
2013-2015 23% PASS 24% PASS

The situation above is not different in the Awutu Senya East Municipality.
This is as a result of the poor attitude of students towards learning and the absence of strong competition among schools in the municipality. Students have lost interest in learning totally. Until it is examination time, they find it unnecessary to learn.

The schools and other institutions are doing their best to help improve on the situation; however, there is still a big gap that needs to be addressed with urgency

GAFI’s Read Wide is purposely designed to address this problem problem

Aims/Objectives of Read Wide

1. To inculcate into primary age children the love of reading
2. To enhance a English comprehension
3. To enable excellence academic performance in all discipline
4. To build a very strong, reliable and sustainable academic background for students involved


Read Wide focuses on improved academic performance in all disciplines by instilling into the young students the need to learn or read their books with a particular attention on the English language

Target Group

The problem of poor performance in terms of ACADEMICS is mostly seen in our Public schools. Therefore Read Wide Is purposed to include only Public schools in the Awutu Senya East Municipal Assembly
How be it, any private institution (school) within the assembly which will be identified with the challenges that triggered the concern shall be included in the sub sequence editions

Project Details

Read Wide is in three parts which will run simultaneously. An arrangement is made with the local heads and the authorities of the schools on the program, on appropriate and favorable times in some particular days of the week for meetings to avoid clashes with their normal daily activities
The first major part of the project is named the “Reading Rockets”. Second on the program is also the Reading challenged and the last but not the least is the Mega challenge

Part I (Reading Rocket)

The first part of Read Wide is the Reading Rockets which involves a school based club activities; here, official will see to it all participating schools forms readers clubs in the schools where all club members will be grouped into smaller groups with a maximum of ten (10) members. Members of the cells will be given three to four different kinds of books (simple novels) to be read over a period and discuss among themselves after reading the books. Group members will then swap books among themselves until every member finish reading the set of books delivered to the group. Also, student will be encouraged to help themselves in the areas they find other mates to be having difficulties in the absence their teachers since they are in one group.

Part II (Reading Challenge)

Under the Reading Challenge, students with poor reading skills shall also be group and assigned to a facilitator who will guide these children through the process of reading and English comprehension.

Part III (The MegaChallenge)

The last part the program which is named The Mage Challenge. This part shall be the entertainment aspect of the project where all participating schools shall be grouped into zones for an academic competition in the areas English language, Mathematics and Ghanaian language and culture

How it Works

All three wings of the project are meant to be running simultaneously. Management of the project in harmony with the local authorities agreed to use some specific periods within the week such library and extra-curricular periods which are not efficiently exploit to the benefit of the children.
During such periods, students under the Reading Challenge are taken out of their various classes and put into one class with a facilitator who will guide them through pronunciation and identification (vocabulary) of some words that may seem difficult to their understanding and also entreat them to be doing more reading to get familiar with the words and a better understanding of the English language
Meanwhile, the Reading Rockets will also be reading in their groups as well as sharing ideas in what they’ve read previously among themselves to entice the rest to also read what’s in their friend’s books
Unlike the first two wings of the Read Wide which deals directly with reading, the Mega Challenge is in a form of academic competition among public schools in the municipality to entertain and also encourage participants and the audience to learn harder for a brighter future.

Specific dates and venues are allotted for this events
The Mega challenge is in a form of tournament where only the first and second place schools from each zone qualifies to second round of the competition before the finals


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