Joycelyn Aba Sinaman (Secretary)

Joycelyn Aba Sinaman is a committed Ghanaian who has the heart for the less privileged in the society and interested in improving the nation’s development.

Joycelyn is a graduate from Winneba Secondary School, where she studied general science. She is currently working as the secretary and Public Health Coordinator of Gadrage Aid Foundation International. At age 10, joycelyn’s passion for the less privileged in the society grew stronger as a result of what she saw some of her mates and friends go through.

While some of her friends were been sacked for not paying their fees, others were traumatized with the idea of either not having parents or been abandoned by them. As each day went by, joycelyn’s passion for such people grew stronger. This explains her reason for working in a non-profit organization. Joycelyn feels proud to be associated with GAFI and particularly enjoys the idea of contributing what has been instilled in her by the Almighty God to those who in one way or the other can benefit as a result.