GAFI’s Volunteers or Interns on Microfinance Project

Why volunteering with GAFI?

GAFI’s Internship and volunteering give you the opportunity to further your knowledge in Micro Finance in Ghana. Furthermore, through this Micro finance internship Program in Ghana; you will have a better chance to develop your understanding basically focusing three things, micro finance opportunities in Ghana, its operating system & finally it’s impact in the communities for achieving the goal of Poverty and Hunger Alleviation in Ghana. If you like do Internship or volunteer in Micro Finance project and gain valuable professional experience working in Micro Finance / Micro credit projects or in Ghana, then this can be the right internship or volunteering program for you!

As a volunteer or intern with our Microfinance Project, Volunteering or Internship Program, you will be placed in a unique position to assist with microfinance initiatives in Ghana. These initiatives are geared towards reducing urban and rural poverty and are typically put forth by the government and other institutions.


Volunteers and interns will participate by looking over loan application forms, filling out and balancing the daily ledger, leading exit interviews for individuals who are doing repaying, keeping track of beneficiary profiles and standing, as well as paying visits to beneficiaries in order to look over their progress and collect payments

  • Monitor, evaluate and report on the project activities to the Project Manager
  • Create and update documentation and research regularly
  • Create long term, medium term and short term plans with the support of the Project Manager
  • Attend group meetings and assist on other projects where needed
  • Create blog posts related to their projects and experiences monthly
  • Update or create a project manual at the end of internship

For longer-term volunteers or interns, you will be able to analyze reports in a more detailed manner as your project long-term financial growth, review microfinance loan policy and procedure and, finally, help to create new microfinance initiatives.

How to apply

You must be 18 years or over at the start of the program. For these who are 15-18 years old, we will need to receive consent from your parents via email or telephone before we can offer you a placement on one of our programs.

You must be able to speak English.

You must at least have a high school education if you want to perform formal teaching activities to the local communities.

Medical placement volunteers must have relevant medical training and certification (to be presented on arrival in Ghana).

Once you’re ready, this is how the planning process goes,

  1. Apply online by filling the Online Form. Click here to apply
  2. GAFI will review your application and respond to you within 24 – 48 hours.
  3. Once you’re sure of your plans, secure your spot by paying the deposit fee of US$200.
  4. GAFI Project Manager will help you prepare for your trip.